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Ching Shih: Asia Anti-Piracy Blog

Reporting on copyright piracy news and stories from around Asia

Who was Ching Shih?

Zheng Yi Sao aka "Ching Shih", was the most successful pirate, she commanded 70,000 men in a fleet which was the scourge of the South China seas in the 1800s, defeating even the Qing navy. To read more about Ching Shih see here.


Today's copyright pirates are responsible for billions of dollars of lost revenue and incalculable harm to the world’s creative industries including film, music, software, games, publications, sports and other content.


The Ching Shih Anti-Piracy blog reports on copyright piracy news and stories from around Asia. It aims to provide opinion, data and other content for the world’s copyright creators and their associations, to help them tackle copyright piracy. It is powered by Rouse, the global IP firm. To learn more about Rouse see here

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Our Writers

Our authors are all experts in the anti-piracy field with a deep understanding of Asia and its challenges and opportunities for creators.

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