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Cracking Down on Piracy: How the English Premier League's Latest Victory in Singapore Safeguards Broadcasts and Fans

The English Premier League has intensified its fight against online piracy by obtaining a Singapore High Court order that mandates local ISPs to block access to 25 of the most popular illegal streaming websites, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to protect its broadcasts and the safety of fans from cyber threats.

The English Premier League has taken a decisive step in its fight against copyright infringement by obtaining a court order from Singapore's High Court. This order mandates internet service providers (ISPs) to block 25 popular websites known for illegally streaming football matches. This action is a significant milestone in the league's ongoing efforts to safeguard its intellectual property across Asia. It has brought the total number of banned domains in Singapore to over 460.

The Premier League's legal battle against illegal streaming is part of a broader, global anti-piracy programme. This programme shows the league's commitment to clamping down on unauthorised content distribution. It also aims to protect fans from potential cyber threats and scams associated with pirated sites.

This crackdown on illegal streaming sites is underscored by a recent study commissioned by the Premier League, highlighting the cybersecurity risks consumers face accessing these platforms. According to the research, users of the top 25 illegal streaming sites in Singapore are nearly four times more likely to encounter malware or fall victim to scams than those visiting mainstream websites.

This initiative emphasises the Premier League's dedication to protecting its content and reflects a concerted effort to ensure the safety and security of football fans online.

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