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Vietnamese pirate streaming platform shuts down

Film piracy remains an ongoing challenge in Vietnam, a topic we previously discussed here .


Recently, a prominent streaming website,, was discontinued by its operator. This site, reputedly generating over 21 million visits each month, is believed to have been based in Vietnam. Reports indicate that the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), a consortium of movie and content proprietors, had identified Vumoo as a target for enforcement, and the site's demise was a direct result of their intervention.

There is an important question about whether the streaming service will make a comeback, something which has happened previously in Vietnam . After a shutdown, new websites that replicate the original site often appear quickly.

There is also a concern that piracy operators face minimal legal consequences, which doesn't deter them from continuing their illegal activities. The challenge for Vietnam's authorities is how to impose and publicize strong criminal penalties to have a deterrent impact on piracy

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