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Thai Authorities Arrest Illegal Streaming Site Administrator

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

In a significant move against digital piracy in Thailand, authorities in Phuket have successfully apprehended an administrator behind a major illegal streaming site called "Dolphin4k." As a result, the Thai language site, which had been receiving approximately sixty thousand visits per month, is now inactive and inaccessible.

This site provided unauthorised access to a vast library of films and TV shows, causing significant financial damage to content creators and legitimate distribution platforms. The arrest follows an extensive investigation that meticulously traced the illegal activities back to the administrator.

Case Details

As reported by Khoasod Online, the 33-year-old suspect, named by the Police as "Supakrit," was apprehended at his residence in Koh Kaew, Phuket.

He was also found with various items used in the illicit operation, including 16 Android signal boxes pre-installed with applications for viewing pirated movies, a flash drive, a computer, and a mobile phone.

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

Supakrit confessed to administrating the dolphin4k website, and he has been charged with commercial copyright infringement, specifically for broadcasting television programmes and movies to the public for commercial purposes.

Khaosod Online quoted the Police as stating:

"The suspect admitted to managing the website and distributing the illegal content."

Legal and Economic Consequences

The arrest of the streaming site administrator in Phuket is a significant step forward in the battle against digital piracy in Thailand. It sends a strong message to other illegal operators that law enforcement agencies are vigilant and ready to take decisive action.

Piracy has vast economic implications, with billions of dollars lost annually due to unauthorised content distribution. This crackdown is part of a broader strategy to impose stricter penalties on those involved in piracy and deter potential offenders.

Global Efforts and Cooperation

The fight against digital piracy is not confined to any single country; it is a global endeavour that requires international cooperation. Authorities in Thailand have been working closely with international organisations such as ACE and the EPL to track down and prosecute those involved in illegal streaming. This collaborative approach is crucial for effectively combating digital pirates' complex and far-reaching networks.

In conclusion, the arrest in Phuket represents a significant victory in the battle against digital piracy in Thailand, with hopes of many more to come.

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