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Sony Music Japan targets Piracy Portal ‘Hikari-no-Akari’

TorrentFreak reports Sony Music Japan is taking legal action against the piracy portal Hikari-no-Akari, a website known for distributing Japanese music, including anime theme songs. The company has obtained DMCA subpoenas requiring Cloudflare to disclose details about the site's operators so that Sony Music Japan can take further action against those behind the portal. This move follows Sony's efforts to remove infringing content. Despite some content removals, Hikari-no-Akari remains operational, with Sony continuing its efforts to protect its intellectual property.

Music piracy continues to be a major problem for the entertainment industry, leading to significant revenue loss and undermining the efforts of artists and producers. Legal actions, such as those taken by Sony Music, are essential in combating piracy and ensuring that creators receive fair compensation for their work. However, piracy sites demonstrate the ongoing challenge of enforcing intellectual property rights effectively in the digital age.

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